Each month during this anniversary year, we would love to hear from you!  We all have memories of the Newman Center and the community that brings it to life.  Please take some time to share with us your story.  Share this link and invite others who might be away this weekend or are at another parish but have ties to Newman to journey with us as we take a walk down memory lane.

Download the September/ October newsletter (PDF)

October 2017
What first attracted you to our community of faith?
What were your initial excitements and impressions when you began at Newman?
online: Set 1 – October 2017, or download the PDF worksheet

November 2017
Who was the oldest person you remember involved in the church?
What and when was this?  What made them so memorable?
online: Set 2 – November 2017, or download the PDF worksheet

December 2017
Tell us about a time when you felt most alive, most proud and committed, and most enthused about Newman.
What was it about you, and what others said or did that made it so?
online: Set 3 – December 2017, or download the PDF worksheet

January 2018
What do you value most about yourself as a person of faith?
Who are some of the people you met at Newman?  Why are they so memorable?
online: Set 4 – January 2018, or download the PDF worksheet

February 2018
What do you value most about the nature of your involvement and ministry at Newman?
What do you value most about what/how Newman has contributed to your life?
online: Set 5 – February 2018, or download the PDF worksheet

March 2018
As you think about Newman, what is the core image or factor that reflects what most gives life and represents its most essential, life-giving quality?
Can you describe them?
online: Set 6 – March 2018, or download the PDF worksheet

April 2018
Pretend, for a moment, that you have awakened from a five-year sleep, and the spirit of Newman community is what you always dreamed it would be.  What does it look like?
What is different now?  What might you have done to contribute to this renewal?
online: Set 7 – April 2018, or download the PDF worksheet 



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