Retreats provide opportunities for students from all faith backgrounds to reflect on their spiritual values, step back from their regular routine, and build community through the sharing of the faith stories of fellow students.  It is a time to develop new relationships and recognize God in all things that surround you.  Whether you are a freshman or senior, English major or Engineer, Catholic or non-Catholic, there are plenty of great opportunities waiting for you.

A Community Building Retreat is held each Fall and Spring Semester, with numerous activities, games, and faith-filled fun!  To find out more about the retreats, please email our Campus Minister at:

Through group prayers, bible studies, and social experiences, the retreats are geared toward developing students into the person God invites us to become: dynamic, enlightened, and prayerful!

Spring 2018 Community Building Retreat Photos

Fall 2017 Community Building Retreat Photos

Spring 2017 Community Building Retreat Photos

Fall 2016 Community Building Retreat Photos

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